Get Books from Bookshare and Be Ready for Fall Classes!

Image of group of college students standing on campus with Bookshare logo and Back to Campus

Are you ready for the first day of class? Spend more time learning, and less time playing catch up.  Get ready for Back-to-Campus in 3 easy steps! (Is your account already updated? Read our tips on reading tools.)


1. Make sure your membership is active

  • Go to Bookshare  and log in.  (Trouble logging in? Reset your password.)
  • Check your membership status in “My Account” under your Task Bar. Provide any missing information.
  • Still need to sign up? Sign up online!


2. Find your books

  • Ask your professors for this term’s reading list. Or check the course syllabus.
  • Find books on Bookshare; if they are  not there, you can request them.


3. Save and organize your books


What’s new from Bookshare?

Over the summer, we have been busy working to make Bookshare easier than ever. Learn what’s new!

Your Bookshare membership is free, plus you get access to free reading tools. Make sure you’re ready for the new school year today!



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